Our company is selling and installing an extensive variety of specialized high-tech products and systems for several departments at public and private hospitals and as well for diagnostic centers.

Along all this years, our organization has achieved a wide experience to develop significant marketing success in particular niches, from traumatology and orthopedic precision instruments up to high sophisticated digital imaging systems from manufactures having a worldwide high recognition prestige as “the” topmost leaders.

Our commitment with our clients is to source “state of the art” products according to every particular need of treatment or diagnostic facility, without endangering economical criteria of cost/benefit principles, but never in detriment of medical efficiency and safety for end users, and most important for the human being (patients).

ICYS Medical has also a broad knowledge in sales procurement, turnkey projects, and installation including after sales service (customer support). We have installed equipment and systems in almost all hospitals and private clinics in our country.

Our after sales department, best known as ICYS TECHNICAL is highly acknowledged as one of the most reliable technical service offices in Bolivia for preventive and corrective customer support, a large installed base of equipment under committed contracts are the best proof of it.


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We introduce in Bolivia the concept of the most advance way of treatment by linear accelerators (LINAC) with Thomotherapy Systems from the same manufacturer of the world famous radiosurgery advance system, so called Ciberknife. As this is a very new development in Latin America, our marketing department has a big challenge and encouragement with this particular “work in progress”.

We already installed the most modern brachytherapy unit at a specialized oncology treatment center; once again our company is pioneering. ICYS MEDICAL has the most complete range of products for oncology radiotherapy centers, such as “state of the art” linacs, bunker design, brachytherapy systems, dedicated CT’s, tables, masks and positioning devices, including cushions.

Our major brands are: Bebig (Eckert and Ziegler), Orfit GmbH, Boton Metal Products, Veritas, ACSI, SIHO.

We proudly claim that ICYS MEDICAL has delivered “the very first” Magnetic Resonance System (MRI) in Bolivia (year 1999). Also several modalities from the medical imaging systems were leading our success by providing and installing the most advanced computed tomography systems, remote control digital x-ray units, digital mammography, mobile and surgical systems, bone densitometry, nuclear medicine, besides peripheral devices like printers, film and dedicated consumables.

A special success was the great acceptance of ultrasound diagnostic machines, we introduce all sort of technologies among the widespread specialists from gíneco-obstetricians, cardiologists, and radiologists. We serve a large installed platform between our customers. Our company has installed more than 100 units nationwide in the last three years. We are the only Bolivian organization with a dedicated applicationist for customer training.

Another experience was with regard to bone densitometry, after introducing the first unit we swiftly supply more than 25 systems, meaning a 100% market share for years, unfortunately the manufacturer has been sold to another company, and by a conflict of interest on mutual agreement we stop marketing this units.

Nowadays our product portfolio consist of a complete product range for Imaging Diagnostic Systems including: MRI, CT, Digital and analog X-Ray, Mammography units, C-Arms and mobile, Bone Densitometer, Nuclear Medicine, printers, and accessories for radiology operators.

Our major brands are: SIEMENS Healthineers, Agfa Healthcare, Sony, Bayer/Medrad Medical Care and Nordland.

Not only equipment for end users can be supplied, we also place special efforts for deliver electronic test instruments for radiation and quality control process, like multi-meters, oscilloscopes, phantoms and other necessary measuring tools.

We supply calibrated instruments certified from manufacturing companies under the most serious process.

Our major brand: PTW

Our portfolio has reliable equipment from the leadership worldwide manufacturer; due to their high technology development becomes the most suitable instrumentation for well-reputed specialists. Major universities are using our products on their laboratories and training centers, usually our own personnel provides training courses in electrotherapy. ICYS Medical supplies the most sophisticated Physiotherapy Equipment in the world, such as products for pain management, neuroelectrophysiology, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

Our major brands: Enraf Nonius, Lode B.V., EWAC.



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